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Evictions Decline Welcome

System - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Herald Sun recently posted an article stating that the number of evictions in Durham County has declined approximately 10 percent since last year.  This is good news for renters and landlords because it reflects the market's inflation.  Much like the article stated, foreclosures and evictions seem almost inevitable in today's economy.  Many family are living paycheck to paycheck and cannot withstand a cut in work hours or missing one day due to an illness.  Financial setbacks make it harder to play catch up once their is a missed payment.  

Although there are approximately 400 individuals in Durham County who undergo eviction each month, this number is slowly decreasing.  A decrease, no matter how small, is always welcomed.  Families are slowly recovering from the Great Recession and finding solid ground when it comes to supporting their family.  A 10 percent decrease is a step in the right direction to reducing the number of families that suffer from homelessness each year. 



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