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How You Can Save As a Renter?

System - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MSN Real Estate composed a list of four reasons that you as a tenant may be able to save on your rent.  The first reason on this list is because the property is priced higher than comparable units in the area.  The second reason would be if you are an excellent tenant that has an excellent payment history.  With this reason, the landlord may also consider your credit score and your payment history with other bills.  You can also take it a step further by having your monthly rent automatically drafted from your account the first of every month.  The third reason offered by MSN Real Estate is if you are able to pay your rent a few months in advance.  Finally, they suggest working for your discount.  If the property has any maintenance that needs to be done, offer to fix up the property at your own expense and negotiate with the property owner to reduce your rent.  If all else fails, MSN Real Estate suggest that you find a roommate to help absorb the cost; downsize to a smaller living quarter; and conserve on your utilities.




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